Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pasta Making!

T came round today for what is fast becoming a tradition of baking Sunday. The items to be created were Madeleines and trying our hand at homemade pasta for the first time. T being a Master Baker and me fast becoming a rocking apprentice the Madeleines were created in no time at all, and a quick sampling declared them to be yummy. Several alternative fillings have been discussed so I can see them becoming a regular feature. And so pretty:

Next up came the pasta fun! We had very much been prepared earlier and stirred, mixed, and kneaded the dough ready. T handily had a pasta machine that had not even been unearthed from its wrappings, and thus the pasta making began. Bit by bit, folding and winding, folding and winding, adjusting the settings, bit more folding and winding:

It was definitely a two-man job! But soooo much fun. As can clearly be seen in this picture where I appear to be laughing hysterically at some funny moment whilst T continues folding and winding:

The end results are all drying out. We have heaps. Think we need to reduce the amount of dough we make next time. Below are a couple of photos of the finished product, our very own home made pasta:

Oh and Fizz helped too! Although really she just came round for a cuppa tea and a Madeleine *chuckles*

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