Thursday, 12 September 2013

A tale of two holidays

Once upon a holiday time two excited travellers drove through a beautiful sunset:
To stay in a chocolate box house in Bretagne:
The sun beamed down on the happy travellers:
Each and every day they set off on their bikes and rode around, stopping every now and then for picnics at gorgeous locations:
Further adventures were abound as they travelled a very, very long way to see a GIANT elephant:
A Rapunzel castle:
Climbed a REALLY tall tower:
And soaked up history at the Bayeux Tapestry (no photos allowed) and the beautiful cathedral:
Leaving the little chocolate box house, the travellers headed north towards Normandy gems like Honfleur:
The day finally came when the travellers had to return 'sous la manche' and back to Grande Bretagne. But do not fret, their journey was not yet over for they were also taking a couple of cheeky days in fair London town due to a bargainous Groupon voucher. Unfortunately the sun stayed behind in France:
Never to be beaten the travellers spent a happy day wandering the "loveliest castle in the world": Leeds Castle:
Disclaimer: not in Leeds at all but Kent. If it was in Leeds it probably wouldn't be that lovely...our travellers wined and dined and ate like fat knackers:

Yummy! Still in London town our travellers nipped down the road to London Zoo where they saw lions and tigers oh my!

That gorilla? He was VERY cross. He herded all his family back inside and then basically tried to smash through some very toughened plexi-glass by throwing his ENTIRE weight at it. Needless to say the people on the other side of the plexi-glass probably needed some clean pants...yikes! Upon return our happy travellers are pleased to report that they had a rather super holiday and have returned with plentiful supplies of the precious "vin", a packet of Prince biscuits, 6 new, huge, and rather funky cereal and soup bowls, a jug allegedly for "lait" but will really hold flowers, and a tiger puppet called Roger:
 Roll on the next one. We happy travellers love holidays the best!

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Tina Goodthing said...

I just discovered ur blog, and am really enjoyng it. Luv these pics :-)