Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Will I ever learn?!

Today should be renamed sore foot day. Yes I was wearing shoes that I bought in the sale, yes they only cost £7, possibly they were a smidge too tight, but I was convinced that they would stretch...turns out not after all. Turns out I have blisters all over my feet and had to hobble out to the nearest shop to buy plasters. Turns out that I may never learn and am destined to eternally buy cheap shoes that might ultimately make my feet fall off!! Turns out that my feet are spoiled by Toms that feel like slippers. Ouchie ouch ouch, my poor footsies. 

By the by, I read on a blog the other day that you should never use your blog to be negative and it should always be somewhere that people want to visit and take time out to read. Who wouldn't want to read about my cheap shoe pain?! I reckon our blog needs updating so that we can make it more glameroonie and more of a place that people want to visit - what say you? 

1 comment:

Librarian Girl said...

I think people read personal blogs or honesty and authenticity, so write what's real to you! Sorry about the sore tootsies.