Sunday, 30 June 2013

Le weekend - ups and downs

In reversal of fortune style I'm starting with the downs:
  • My ipad broke, hardware issue, gutted
  • I threw up from consumption of wine
  • Then woke up with a stonking headache
  • Putting my new bike together was a nightmare due to lack of instructions
  • And then the pump wouldn't work so I couldn't go out and play
  • First bike ride. Sweet sweet ride. This is only the second brand new bike I've had in my whole life, all the others were secondhand or hand-me-downs. I think I'm in love...
  • Speaking to JC, my tech support for above ipad issue, funny, sweet, loveable drawl, we talked coffee and Mountain Dew and removal of "sweaters" (that's jumpers to the British readers, teehee). He truly did take some of the pain out of my broken ipad
  • Embracing my creative mojo by painting everything that didn't move (photos will follow of some of my handiwork)
  • Morning shopping with my lovely Ma
  • Sticky toffee pudding with custard served up by the Gingerbread Mam, she rocks that mam, truly she does
To sum up then, le weekend was a bit of a mixed bag. I have high hopes for next weekend as Tizz is coming home, she is, (sing) she's coming home, she's coming home, Tizz is coming home (stop singing) whooooop! It seems like it's been forever since we've seen each other and I absolutely cannot wait. We will post the adventures. Here's to le week, let's hope it runs smoothly.  

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