Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tissue Boxes

A-CHOO! Who gets a cold when the sun shines? Oh that would be me. Since I got up this morning I have done nothing but blow my nose, it's utterly rank and I've almost been through one box of tissues. I've had to go out and buy fresh supplies or I might have to resort to using my sleeve. Grim times. I'm keen to assign blame but I can't decide between Stormin' in my theatre group or Tea Lady from the trial who was sniffing and snuffling. Either way, thanks so much for sharing. 

Having so much extra stuff going on in my snuffly head is not helping with assignment lockdown either. I've managed to put together two paragraphs but it's very half hearted and I'd really just prefer to lie down on the sofa and feel sorry for myself. To be fair though that has pretty much been my attitude throughout this whole assignment so blaming the cold is a poor excuse for what is essentially zero motivation/interest in the subject that is risk management. What's wrong with risk anyway? Sometimes risk can be a good thing. The literature would describe this as an 'opportunity' but it's a tactic few are brave to take. It would seem they would much rather assign some random number, simulate the chuff out of it, and inform the world that this risk is high and should be dealt with immediately or disaster will fall and the whole world will be wiped out! 

Ugh. The sooner my life is rid of this current risk the better. The cold can get lost too. Go on. Shoo. The pair of you.  

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