Monday, 3 June 2013

A day of rest

Whizzy weekend! Saturday was spent battling with the ongoing assignment saga. By the end of day Wavey was literally sat by my side at the official deadline end of the table helping me to get through question 1. Apart from a few layout and page number niggles I am pleased to say that question 1 is now fully complete. All 6 evil effin parts of the mutha. Just two more questions left and then I am done and I fully intend to make it my business to avoid risk management for the rest of my life. 

Sunday rolled around and it was declared the official day of rest. Well, I say rest but in our world that means that we pottered around the garden, Wavey laid the decking path and I literally pottered, well actually potted all the veg on in the greenhouse that has suddenly gone bananas in the sunshine. Yes I said sunshine. Yippee! From there we went to an afternoon tea that was rather disappointing, had a lovely stroll along the river, and ended the day watching one of our favourite bands for the bargainous price of one five pound note each and they were absolutely bloody marvellous. My ears are still ringing in joy. 

Here's a few photos from our river stroll:

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