Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Parts of me

I've been adding quite a few blogs to my Feedly of late. I'm not sure what has prompted this resurgence of interest in finding new blogs that amuse and fascinate me, I think a part of it is seeking inspiration for myself. The fascination comes in how people are using their blog almost as their job, they get free samples to review and have adverts and sponsors, I don't mean that I want that for myself but I'm intrigued at how you would even go about that. Imagine calling up Benefit and asking for free makeup (yes please!), that must be a pretty sweet deal if you can make it happen. 

I've also noticed that the blog world is full of very glamorous young women posting daily photos of what they wear, where they bought their outfit from in case someone wants to replicate it, and it's not just one photo, it's about 10 of different parts of their outfit. I think these women must have someone who walks around and takes their daily photos as it's quite tricksy to take good photos of parts of yourself as I discovered earlier. Just for a laugh, I thought I'd give it a try for my outfit for today. Several disasters and deletions later this is the only one that was anywhere near useable:

And just in case you should want to replicate my look (and somehow I doubt this) here is the information:

  • Battered old shoes: New Look, at least 2 years old, which is actually some kind of miracle for me, the killer of shoes
  • Orange sparkley tights: no idea. But they've got a big hole at the top of the leg. Classy, eh? 
  • Floral skirt: this one I can do. Marks and Spencer. It's actually from this season but I got it for less than the price of £30 as my Ma had some discount vouchers, sweet!
 And for the things you can't see:
  • Pale blue Oxford style shirt, H&M, last year at least
  • Battered black vest, £3 from Peacocks. They've closed down now so you can't buy from there anymore, sad face
  • Hoop ear-rings: who knows where?!
  • Multiple rings: um, yep, no idea. But won't have cost more than a fiver
  • Just got out of bed hair, all of my own making...
I'm not sure how all these glamourous girlies manage it. I couldn't help but descend into not taking myself seriously but they so do. Fascinating. Maybe I shall try more "parts of me" photos. If there is still anyone out there (and I do so wonder about this) feel free to join in...

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