Sunday, 17 October 2010


Bit of a dip in and dip out kind of day yesterday. We started off in the garden doing something that I wasn't entirely happy about - lopping branches off trees. I love the trees. And I have issues about bits of them being chopped away, but I know it's for a good cause - the greenhouse placement! Plus, it's not like we're just chucking away what we chop off, we're going to use the leaves in the compost heap and the big branches are being chopped up for the fire and the slightly smaller branches will be chopped up for kindling, and the teeny tiny branches will be put through one of those whizzy chopper upper things and then sent for recycling at the tip. Good practical useage all round then!

Next up we decided to head to lovely Richmond town. We have a mission involving doors. Our house needs a new front door. We've currently got one of the UPVC jobbies that come with the double glazing, but we decided that it would be really cool to actually source a door that's right for the age of the house. It's an old cottage and it should have a big lovely wooden door that we reckon we'll be able to find in a salvage yard. This was the first of our trips and it was a bit of a fib really, cos it wasn't what I would call a salvage yard, it was more like a big shop. And it was billed as antiques and it was more a mixture of new crafty stuff with some old stuff thrown in for good measure. Bad advertising people! But it was certainly fun mooching around and I was this close *indicate tiny space between thumb and forefinger* to buying a gorgeous enamel pan that was absolutely immaculate inside, but was just too small for what I have in mind. Next time though as we have about 4 other places to try. I can't wait to see the lovely old wooden door that I can see in my imagination, just hope we find what we're looking for.

While we were there we went for some food in a brand new bistro that had just opened. It was a lovely little teeny place that was all warm and comfy seats and fancy plates and cups, but the food was yummy. I had the carrot and coriander soup that came with warm crusty bread and half a portion of twice cooked fries. That actually turned out to be big fat chips, and they really only tasted like they'd been cooked once, but they were yum so whose complaining. Wavey had some club sandwich that was 3 layers high and had bacon and chicken and egg and mustard, that was tasty too!

After there we had a little walk round the market square but when you've seen one market square in a North Yorkshire town you've seen 'em all. So we headed back to our homeland. And thought, ah sack it might as well go for coffee and cake on the way home. So we had one huge piece of coffee and walnut cake and one huge slice of chocolate caramel pie which is frankly some of the scrummiest pudding I've ever had then pretty much rolled home after such excessive food consumption.

Next up we decided we'd go to our local big DIY chain and pick up some paving slabs for the greenhouse. Conversation along the way of buff versus pink and pretty yellow...turned out buff was the all round winner as it was like half the price of pink and who really needs pink paving slabs anyway, not us!

Then we headed home once again and before we knew where time had gone it was 9pm and we were hungry again. A late supper of veggie sausage sandwiches with fried onion and mushrooms and waaaay too much ketchup due to spurty ketchup syndrome and some catch-up tv rounded off the day perfectly.

I heart weekends so. Too bad I had to ruin it today by volunteering to do some overtime at work. Work on Sunday? Not all it's cracked up to be...

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tizz said...

I agree! Overtime sounds good at the time, thoughts of extra money to do fun things/buy pretty things but the reality is ANOTHER DAY AT WORK - evil.