Sunday, 24 October 2010

Do we dare monkey with tradition?

Found out a couple of weeks ago that Wavey and I are going to be on our own for Christmas as my parentals are off to do their grandparent-ly duties and going to stay with my sis, husband, and grotbag nephew and niece. So we started thinking. Hmmmm, shall we think about some kind of alternative Christmas other than the traditional route?

I would certainly welcome the challenge, I do love to try out new foods and I heart to cook muchly. But! Last year we dared to break slightly away from tradition and the Delia-gods looked down on us and broke our boiler. What will happen if we move totally away from a Delia Christmas - I hardly dare contemplate it! Will we be cast out into some alternative non-Delia land where you're only ever allowed to cook non-traditional foods and your boiler will not only break but remain broken forever and we may just freeze to our sad hungry deaths...

But say we were to be brave. What could we do? At first we were thinking of Thai and Moroccan, which delicious in their own rights might not cut the mustard. Today we thought, hmmm how about Italian? I'll bet they have a LOT of courses! Wavey has often had to go to work in Italy and he was once taken out for a meal where they had 7 courses and each course had a different wine. I think I'd have trouble standing after that! But it's definitely a possibility. Being the librarian-y bod that I am I'm going to see if I can find a book, or at least some suggestions of what an Italian Christmas might involve. But if any of you readers have any other suggestions, or could help out with the Italian idea please shout up. I'm open to ideas.

But remember, don't tell Delia. Or we will surely be doomed...

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