Monday, 18 October 2010

The gourmet (stuffing) thief

Last night we had a most yummy roast chicken dinner, all crispy skin sprinkled with herbs, mmmm-mmmm. We had quite a lot left over, enough to make me and Wavey butties for today. We even had 3 stuffing sausages left over, not just any stuffing but gourmet stuffing of roasted veg and apple and cider, sounds a bit weird but trust me it was mighty fine! I shredded the chicken and mushed up the stuffing and made the most deeeeelishus sandwich to have for lunch today.

As is the usual practice, I got to work, switched on my PC and emptied my lunch bag of my buttie and yoghurt and headed to the fridge in the staffroom, popped it on the top shelf and went about my day as usual. Just before lunch someone asked me what I had to eat today and I described in great detail exactly how tasty my sandwich was going to be...

...or would have been if some thieving scumbag hadn't stolen it! Yes you read that right. Some effer stole my frickin' sandwich!! I was utterly outraged and couldn't stop going round shouting that someone had stolen my sandwich. When I think about it now I must have seemed like a total loon but I was so angry that someone would do that! It's not like it was some pre-packaged bread thing that could have been bought by anyone, it was very obviously handmade and wrapped inside its clingfilm jacket...see even now I feel my blood boil at the very thought that someone had the bare faced cheek to go into the staffroom, have a root around in the fridge and decide that it was perfectly okay for them to eat someone else's food!!! RAH!

Everybody kept telling me I was having a Ross moment and I'd forgotten how funny that was until I just YouTube-d it a minute ago. And how apt that he should lose his Thanksgiving sandwich and I lost my roast dinner sandwich, almost identical!

There's a big part of me that cannot believe it actually happened. I had about 5 people check the entire contents of the fridge with me, plus the other fridge just to make sure I wasn't going completely bonkers. Turns out that someone else had their sandwich stolen a couple of weeks ago too. And despite being able to see the humour, I am pretty disturbed that I work with someone who clearly has some kind of issue over what is right and wrong...but that's a whole other blog.

For now, just enjoy the vision of me standing in the staffroom with my hands in the air yelling SOMEONE ATE MY SANDWICH!!!!! Then stomping off to my locker to get my purse to go and buy some cruddy sandwich instead of my much drooled over one. And then stomping through the entire staff area of the library shouting off my mouth about my stolen sandwich...this small event is now so infamous it has been assigned a name by my colleagues: SandwichGate - will the mystery ever be solved? Watch this space...

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