Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Hands that do dishes...

On a recent girlie shopping trip to Leeds with T, I found myself in a rather lovely shop who actually called themselves an apothecary - how olde fashioned is that! Inside said apothecary were many many lovely girlie things that were pretty and very pleasing to my girlie eye. A purchase of some kind was inevitable. Little did I know that said purchase would prove to be truly magic!

A little background is required now. I've found that since I began working in libraryland many moons ago I have terrible trouble with my hands. All those books and journals get dusty. And the building is generally either overheated or underheated with never a happy medium in between. Couple that with lots of manual work at theatre and the garden and cooking and my poor hands often start to shed skin. But not just in little ladylike bits. Oh no, entire clumps fall off and I look like some freakish snake, it's not nice. And sometimes it can hurt as the skin underneath is raw and if it gets cold...ouch. And it's usually along the edges of my fingers that do the most work. Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

As you can imagine I have tried many handcreams, some cheap, some relatively expensive. Turns out, my hands? Total snobs. They like expensive stuff! My purchase of the teeny tiny sample handcream has transformed me! At the time of purchase I was in big skin-shed mode (sorry if too much info!) and with the magic yet expensive handcream my hands are restored. In fact, they're really rather lovely. Cue a very happy Dizz. Horrible hands are not good for feeling like a laydee.

But oh no, the teeny tiny tube has been squeezed to within an inch of its life. Gone! Never fear, I shall buy some online thinks I. Except that every search is fruitless. The site exists. But they only ship within USA. I'll try another. Oh they only ship within the USA too. BOO! I don't live there! Help me help me super librarian skills. Hell I even considered asking some USA person to get it and ship it to me that way. But ah-ha! I wasn't let down. I finally found a UK stockists site and my order for my (eek!) expensive handcream is now on its way to me.

So I might be 30 squids down (again with the eek!) but I shall enjoy my lovely soft and smooth hands. And say a gracious thank you kindly to Lollia as I truly do heart you so.

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