Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Entirely inappropriate

I got stuck in one of those moments today when you know that your mouth should stop opening and closing and forming words but you just can't stop yourself. Let me paint the picture for you.

I'm sat at my desk copying and pasting like my life depended on it when our big team boss comes out of her office shivering. To indicate how not cold it was I was sat, as usual, in a teeshirt. She comes over to me and starts chatting, oh how can you sit there like this, I'm so cold I've got three layers on and I'm utterly freezing. I politely shrugged my shoulders and said I'm just fine, warm enough thanks. But it couldn't just stop there. And to be fair, she at this point was entirely to blame. But (and she leans in a bit closer here) I've even got my thermal vest on...no she's not...please no...yes she is. She's actually pulling up her tops to show me her brown thermal vest! Yikes and cripes do not even begin to cover how I was feeling. Again it didn't stop, she started saying how awful it was because it was brown.

Which is when I step in and take over. Well, maybe you should get some black ones cos like black is a bit more foxy...oh dear. Yep, Dizz, you really did just begin a conversation about foxy under-attire to your big boss. Sheee-it. But don't stop there, might as well continue digging yourself into this totally inappropriate conversation pit:
Her: I think I must have thin blood
Me: Go on, you can tell me the truth, you're really a vampire aren't you...

I thanked the powers that be that she actually a) has a very good sense of humour, and b) knows that I am the cheeky one as she actually laughed and chuckled and agreed that possibly she was a vampire yes. But maybe a cup of coffee would do well to warm her up.

At which point we both nodded in a kind of sage manner as if we'd been having an entirely normal chat. Oh dear god Dizz! Stop your mouth girl!

Thus endeth the tale of the thermal vest/vampire saga of today. What will tomorrow bring?

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