Saturday, 9 October 2010

Date night rules

1. Decide the day before to have a date night, thus eliminating too much planning and organising.

2. Pick on the day the restaurant and movie you will be attending.

3. Select a very tasty restaurant indeedy called Starters where they basically serve, erm well starters. Enjoy super spicy food and ice cold beer. Oh and feel extremely adventurous for trying olives and actually enjoying them, yay!

4. The movie must be action, none of this romantic comedy nonsense. Shooting, car chases, bombs, po-lice, now you're talking. In this instance we went to see The Town, directed by and starring Ben Affleck. And very fine it was too. I'd highly recommend it.

5. Finally, perhaps this should be the most important rule of all. Ensure that you've checked what each is wearing before you meet up for the evening or you might find yourself looking like this:

Howard and Hilda eat your heart out, here comes Wavey and Dizz in identical striped shirts! Priceless!

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