Sunday, 31 January 2010

The weekend in pictures...

...despite the snow coming back to say hello on Saturday, we got the sofas moved, yay!

I had my hair done with the added joy of a black chunk in my fringe (just peeking out there in the photo) and had it straightened for extra shiny and the novelty of brushing my hair!

The daffodils my ma bought me for my birthday burst into bloom - Spring is on its way!

I made muffins using an American recipe that required 'cups' - luckily we had just the thing cos Wavey's sister lives in the USA and brought them for baking when she stays with us. The first time I've ever made muffins that actually look like they do in the bakery! Not sampled one yet but can't wait: banana, apple and chocolate buttons with crunchy sugar and cinnamon topping, YUM!

And after a slight nightmare with the delivery mix-up, our wardrobes arrived and are built and are truly a thing of beauty! I know it doesn't seem like such a big deal but for the past month my clothes have been all over the shop, is fabby to have them in one lovely place!

Hope you all had a super weekend too!

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