Thursday, 21 January 2010

This week I've discovered...

...that people either love or hate Ikea. There is truly no middle ground to be found. Telling people you've been there either finds you in the presence of lust: one conversation I had, with a bloke no less, had him declare that Ikea wardrobes are a thing of beauty; or physical shudders. Wavey and I actually found ourselves somewhere in the middle as we raced our way round, then got temporarily sucked into slowing down and browsing stuff before we had a serious word with ourselves and returned to the racing. Good to say though, that as of the 29th of this month, we will be in posession of very spacious wardrobes with lots of hanging space for all our fabby clothes. Which I believe deserves a little woooop!

...that I am one very low maintenance woman. Seriously, in conversations I've had this past week I've reached this conclusion. I'm not demanding, I don't nag, I don't always want stuff doing or instruct otherwise if I believe something is being done wrong, cos really, when it comes to housework (what that conversation was about) is there a right and wrong way? There's an individual's way, but just because one person does it one way doesn't make the other way wrong. I don't expect massive presents or shiny diamonds for my birthday, all I want is the new Vampire Weekend cd, and everyone else whose asked me has found me ask for money so that I can buy stuff that I need, like expensive toiletries that have run out now that 6 months worth of use has passed. I'm easy going, fun to be around, and I love cooking and that goes double for eating! Perhaps I need some lessons in how to be high maintenance?

...that grabbing for your very hot hair straighteners when they're falling out of your hands is not entirely the best option. I can say this with firm belief as I have the blisters on my little and fourth finger of my right hand to prove it - ouch. a direct result of above, I discovered that it's very hard to brush your teeth with the opposite hand than you normally use. After said burning incident, I had to brush my teeth with my left hand. By the time I was done I had toothpaste on my top and two fangs dribbling down the corner of my mouth that were admittedly pretty impressive but not exactly very attractive.

...that I really missed my laptop whilst we waited to get the router to go wireless, as now that I have it up and running I'm on it every night!

...that me laughing out loud at a very funny book in bed also makes Wavey chuckle heartily, even though he has no idea why!'s really easy to find excuses to minimise all open screens on your work when Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes is your wallpaper - oh oh oh drooooool!

...that I am so strong I can break off coat hooks just by hanging a coat up. Seriously, the systematic destruction of Wavey's house continues on an almost daily basis. However, he is just as bad. The other night he cooked the plastic thing that comes under the pizza to the pizza baking tray, it was burned and stuck! I believe that it may not be safe for us to live in the same house.

...this next one is not really a new discovery but more a remembering of how very proud of my friends I am. My very good friend D completed her Masters dissertation this week after a lot of horrible stress and I was so incredibly chuffed when she emailed me to tell me about it! Then we celebrated by eating a lovely dinner and exchanging Christmas presents that we never got round to during the festive season.

...that I feel more like I'm turning 25 than 35 this weekend as I'm so FREAKING EXCITED about going out dancing on Saturday night!!! I'm hoping for some top choons and if I don't get to hear any of The Gaga I'm going to be soooo disappointed, all together now, la la rah rah ga ga!!!

Think that's all really. Friday tomorrow, yay! New car day, double yay!

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