Monday, 18 January 2010

Three little words

Be the following statement true or not, it's what I firmly believe, so just go with it for the sake of this post, okay? Good. Then let's begin. I am an observer of life. And whilst observing the thing called life I come across a lot of things that I don't quite understand. One of them is this strange compulsion people have to declare their love whilst on public transport. And in work environments. This little observation came about after overhearing a woman on the bus this evening, she was on her mobile phone doing the usual, yep I'm on the bus be home in about 10 minutes, then she utters those three little words: "I love you". For ALL to hear. On the bus. Just like that. One of my colleagues does the same thing everytime she receives a phone call from home. And she sits right outside my boss's office! And we work in an open plan area so we can all hear it! It kind of makes me cringe.

But before you all think I'm some heartless witch let me tell you a little tale. I used to share a house with this awful girl. Truly, she was a bitch from hell. And stroppy with it. She had a boyfriend that she treated like utter shit, yet he came back for more and more. And each night she would sit with us in the living room, on the telephone to this poor sap, and at the end of each conversation she would tell him: "I love you" Which would have been fair enough if we didn't know for a fact that behind his back she was shagging every Tom, Dick and Harry that came her way. It appalled me, that she could be so incredibly awful to this guy who was actually just a nice bloke thinking he was in a solid relationship. So you see? I think this experience has scarred me. I hear those words uttered in front of others and it makes me cringe. Brings back all these awful memories, because of course we were fortunate to live the horrible end of the relationship once he found out that she was actually busy loving everyone and not just him.

Does this make me odd? I'm more than willing to tell Wavey those special words, but not like every 5 minutes because then they don't really have that much meaning, in my humble opinion. Thus endeth my observation of today.

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