Saturday, 23 January 2010

Farewell Popey, hello...Pimpey?

Yesterday was very exciting as it was new car day! This is the first time I've ever experienced new car day. My dad is a mechanic, so growing up, our "new" cars were never entirely new and were usually very cheap. Wavey works for a certain car company and because of this can get cars as part of a work scheme. For the past few years we've had a Note, which Fizz gave the kindly moniker, the Popemobile, or Popey as we more affectionately called it. We drove Popey to France last year so had enjoyed many happy times in him, so in truth, it was a bit sad to say goodbye to him. But exciting too!

I insisted that Wavey came and picked me up in the new car last night. I came out of libraryland with one of my friends and saw this giant car ahead struggling into a parking space...that'd be the new car then says I. Eeek! It smelled sooooo good though, yum new car smell!

Today was the day that I got to practice driving the new car, which looks like this:

Nice huh?

Bigger than I've ever been used to though! For all my nerves it's lovely to drive. So smooth! And pretty lush really! Tricky to park though, lots of practice is required methinks.

And so to the name. What shall we call the new car? Tizz has just been round for a cuppa and walks in exclaiming that the new car is like a Pimp-mobile with its blacked out rear windows and high up-ness. Popey to Pimpey? What was it Tizz said, all we need now is to get Wavey a white fedora and maybe we've got a way of paying for those wardrobes sooner than we think...

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Librarian Girl said...

Very nice! And also, I wish that I lived in a country where anyone would call that car big. Because people here are OUT OF CONTROL with the hugeness. It's gross.