Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bad appliances...naughty!

I've lived in this house for exactly 16 days and in that very short time the boiler has broken. The shower door decided to fall off. A further part of the shower came off this morning. And then the washing machine decided that it doesn't like the freezing weather conditions and flooded the utility room. What the eff and jeff is going on??

Admittedly it is a very old house - Wavey has paperwork that puts it at least 120 years old, and don't get me wrong, I love it! It's like a house and a cottage and a secret garden all rolled into one but what is it with the appliances? Obviously they are not 120 years old but they're definitely beginning to show their age. The boiler repair man put the boiler at 20 years old (one for the G-rating or below methinks) And the shower does have its little quirks, like the spurting water leaking out of the gap in the shower head, but broken washing machines that contain Wavey's work shirts and my knee high socks that are required wear for wellies is just not funny. Enough already!

Now I can see your train of thought brewing...hmmm, the house worked fine until Dizz moved in, perhaps she is the one who breaks things. I shall not deny that I am rather clumsy and prone to breaking stuff but not normally within such a short time frame! I'm beginning to think that maybe Wavey will realise it's ME who is the bad luck charm here and send me back, tail between my legs, and enjoy his non-breaking appliances to himself once again. Oh woe is me, what is a girl to do...?

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fizz said...

I think Wavey probably values you higher than a boiler or washing machine, so don't worry on that score. You do need a new bathroom though. That shower is naaaaasty. You know what I mean!