Sunday, 17 January 2010

No shit, Sherlock

This merry afternoon saw Fizz, Wavey and I head off to the cinema to see Sherlock Holmes at the picture house. Much anticipated, there has been many shitty life events thrown in our way preventing us going earlier, but today was deffo the day. We gets there to a HUGE queue, what the eff? Where have all these people come from and why are they in the queue when we need to be there too! Luckily we spotted the nice ticket machine that let us pay with our plastic and onward and upward, we reached our destination.

It was pretty full, considering it was the 3.15pm showing on a Sunday afternoon so we sat in those neck breaking seats 2 rows from the front. There were benefits. For those who like a bit of the Downey Jr, the close ups were mighty appreciated, and there was tonnes of legroom, always a good thing for moi. 2 and a bit hours later we were done. Verdicts?

Wavey: yeah yeah it was good, not too much kissy stuff...
Fizz: bit overly long, was ready for it to end but - and thus starts the discussions on all the good bits...
Dizz: grrrrrreat! ...contributing much of my own to the discussion of the good bits.

If you've not seen already, I'd definitely recommend, it's well worth the 2+ hours. And we saw loads of good trailers for loads of action films, and I absolutely LOVE action films so wooooop for good cinema visits to come. Yay!

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