Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Where did we all go? It's like I was doing stuff in my yard, I was blogging about it and then boom! Disappearing bloggers! Weeeelll, not sure about Fizz and Tizz but I know I've just been so fecking busy that the time is not just flying by, it's whooshing by like that new Heroes character: super speedy girl or whatever she might be called.

The only reason I'm able to find the time to blog today is because I'm off work poorly sick. Yep, the students returned to libraryland and straightaway we was all struck down. This is a seriously nasty cold. It started out with a sore throat that lasted for 2 weeks, then the throat thing turned into a coughing thing, then the coughing thing turned into a losing my voice thing, and now all I do is cough, splutter, sneeze, and moan a lot. Bah! I coughed so much this morning when I first woke up I thought I was going to barf. I couldn't catch my breath. Awful. Hideous. Oh so attractive. Seriously I haven't worn makeup or done anything with my hair for the past two days. I've crawled out of bed, put on some crappy laying around clothes and been clamped to my sofa. I had to venture out to the shops just now as needed milk, bread, etc etc, and went out with crap hair and sans makeup, and didn't care, that is the important point here people. There is one positive side though. I haven't lost my appetite. And my voice is returning to its normal pitch rather than sounding like a 13 year old boy going through "the change".

I don't really feel up for blogging about everything that I've done in the past few weeks but it's been good times indeedy. I will say thai cooking, The Ting Tings, the night I did Burlesque and basically learned how to perform a lapdance, more thai cookery, lots of laughs, lots of good things, lots of bed. That's all you're getting.

Hope you are all okay out there. And hopefully I'll be back at work soon and will be able to stop coughing so much. Bub-bye xx

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fizz said...

Squeaky voice, snot pouring out, cough like a dog's bark... poor Dizz. What else is this evil cold going to do to you? Get weller soon, please!