Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Rain stops play

We began work at 9am this morning. I know I registered for a holiday somewhere, I'm just not sure where it's got to...nah in actual fact, I am being super chilled about my holiday being taken over by yard jobs. As I'm not at work. And I love not being at work. Even if I am still working, as it were. Confused? Yep, me too!

Anyhoo, we were working away steadily. I was painting more wall, Dizz dad was doing more pointing, I stopped painting to wire brush and managed to scrape my finger right along brick, lots of blood! Who would have thought so much could come from such a small scrape? I ignored it though and went back to painting, but then got paint in the cut so had to come in and wash it. And all the while, the paint is textured and it's basically taking skin off the palms of my hands. Niiiice. So now you know my ailments...

The day progresses along. As does the rain. This doesn't stop Dizz dad. We're waterproof dontcha know. So we carried on. In the rain. By this time I'd ceased painting and was scraping bricks to ensure a smooth painting surface. And Dizz dad was up a big ladder working on the shed roof. Once he'd thrown a few tiles on the floor and snapped off the rotten wood, we declared a trip to Wickes was needed. Get in car. Speed along to Wickes. Buy wood. Speed home. All the while, it's still raining. Dizz dad, ever the trooper, gets up on the ladder again and makes lots of hammering noises as he attaches some wood and tiles. I was by this time just holding the ladder. Did I mention it was raining? Eventually even the Dizz dad admits defeat and we were rained off. Blimmin' weather!

I do have good news. The bathroom is finished! Yep. I built my wee unit for all my stuff today and that is one room that is totally and utterly complete. So here's a couple of pictures:



And I've got a new microwave now so here's a corner of the kitchen that looks normal:


However, you just have to step back a few paces to get the rest of the picture of the kitchen:


Now I know you're all really jelly and want your own ladder in your kitchen. Just give me a shout and I'll pop it round for you to borrow. However, the knee pad will require more negotiation.

Hope you're all having a fun week xx


cat said...

The bathroom looks gorgeous, but just one question: a *wee* unit? That doesn't sound very sanitary to me. ;o)

Librarian Girl said...

Cute bathroom!!