Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Rant. Sorry.

I've recently started going to a creative writing class - I've always enjoyed writing but I was never sure if my stuff was any good. So I signed up for the class. I've been twice now, and I'm going to have to stop going because the teacher is so inept it actually makes me grind my teeth in frustration.

Last night, for example, she recommended that we read a book, but couldn't remember the title. When she did eventually remember the title she couldn't remember the author. But apparently the book is 'very very good, really very very good.' The she recommended a website but wasn't sure of the exact address.

Later she handed out a photo-copied document that explained the 5 important elements in a short story - characterisation, plot etc. - which recommended 5 different short stories to illustrate particularly good examples of these elements. Then she told us she hadn't actually read any of these short stories. But somehow still knew that they are 'very very good.'

Later still she was explaining an exercise which involved stating the plot of a book or play in 12 words. She hadn't prepared an example beforehand and the only one she could come up with on the spur of the moment was Romeo and Juliet; bad choice as it turns out because she didn't know the plot! And in case you were wondering, the play is apparently 'very very good.'



Librarian Girl said...

WHAT? Yikes!!!!

dizz said...

Nice use of the 'yikes' there LG :o))

Fizz, I say quit that class and come and learn Thai cookery with me. What's not to love? You cook what you learned the previous week ready to eat when you get home. Then you learn how to cook something else and get to try that too! Best class in the world!