Sunday, 12 October 2008

I Do (not)

It's soon to be Halloween. And I've not really done much about that, other than buy sweeties for the kiddies in the street, since I was at university. However, this year is going to be very different. Fizz and I have been invited to a fancy dress party at D's house. This is very exciting! This is my second fancy dress of the year and I'm loving it! Seriously, I think all parties should be fancy dress, it's so much fun. Mucho thinking about what I was going to go as later, I decided on the Bride of Frankenstein:


Big hair, not a problem. White streaks, get thee to Danglers and invest in more nasty synthetic hair. False eyelashes, never been worn before but hey I'll give anything a go. Smokey eyes and red lipstick, grrrooowwwwwlll. Scars on the neck, get me some black eyeliner. Wedding dress, arrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!

I've only ever experienced the wedding dress nightmare one other time. At theatre they were selling this hideous 80s one and needed a model. I was the only person who would vaguely fit it. And it was horrible. Hated it. Most uncomfortable. It would be fair to comment that I don't have that bride gene thing. I've never wanted to be a princess for a day. The thought of a big white dress and being the centre of attention all day is enough to bring me out in a cold sweat. Dizz does not want to be a bride. Are we clear on that?

So, Fizz decided we would make the dress out of a bed sheet. And she was off. Designer mode. Within minutes there was a drawing. And work began yesterday. It's going to be so cool. It's tighty-tight across the boobs and will be laced up at the back, with a fishtail and huge sleeves and a ruffle round the bottom. Photos will of course follow. Oh and it's probably going to be see through, chuckle. Now that's my kind of dress!



Librarian Girl said...

Can't WAIT to see the costume!

fizz said...

It's more of a dress-come-shroud...