Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Fizz De Milo

You've heard of the Venus de Milo, well here's a new take on that theme. Not nearly as valuable or beautiful, but much funnier. At least Dizz seemed to think so when we were making it.

It all started when I read one of the many craft books that I lust after but can't afford to buy. The book in question contained instructions on how to make your own dress-maker's dummy. I've wanted one of those for ages but they are way out of my price range, so the idea in the book was perfect for me. Basically what you have to do is put on a large old t-shirt and then get a very good friend to wrap you in duct tape. It has to be a very good friend because there is boob-touching involved.

I had already started before Dizz arrived, and was getting a bit anxious because 1) I couldn't sit down and 2) I was having a little trouble breathing. This is what greeted Dizz when she got here.

After Dizz finnished wrapping me I felt a bit like C3P0 from Star Wars - I couldn't move my arms.

As soon as Dizz cut me out of the Fizz-suit, the first thing she wanted to do was try on my boobs...

And here's the finished product. Fizz de Milo. A masterpiece. Thanks Dizz!

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Anonymous said...

you two really are completely bonkers!!!!