Friday, 17 October 2008


Continuing with the theme of classes, last night I went to a really fantastic one. The universe is back in balance, my yin and yang are in harmony.

I have had some problems with my back recently, so my physio has given me "exercise on prescription" which means I get to go to exercise classes for a fraction of the usual cost. I've tried a few different kinds; last night was Salsa Aerobics. It's great - not real Salsa, but still sexy and fun. And the music's great - Gloria Esteban, Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, La Ley... ah, takes me back...

I've been a few times now and I'm starting to learn the moves. They have names like mambo, cha-cha-cha, sashay, charleston and shimmy. I know it's really no different from a normal aerobics class with moves called v-step, box-step and side-step but somehow it's soooo much cooler.

And the instructor is brilliant. She manages to pitch the difficulty level just right, so you're concentrating so hard on getting your feet in the right place that you forget how knackered and sweaty you are. But the cleverest bit is she manages to time the routines so well that we quite often end on the very last beat of a song, normally doing jazz-hands. It's so cool!

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