Thursday, 26 February 2015

Softly softly. Bouncy bouncy

It's cold, damp, and grey outside - is there ever a better time to talk about bedding? This could well sound utterly ridiculous but really, I had no idea that technology constantly evolving could also translate to duvets. Yes duvets. That lovely piece of bedding that lies on top of your bed, I'm going there, I totally am. 

When we moved house Wavey and I decided that it was probably about time we invested in some new bedding. Actual age is uncertain but we think that the old duvet was about 12 years old. Is that grim? How often is one supposed to change the duvet? Duvet covers is like every 2 weeks, I learned that one from my mam, but the duvet itself? I do hope that admission doesn't show me up as being some total minger who might have had bed bugs growing or something - eeew-ugh! 

Let's move swiftly on. So new duvet. New sheets - Egyptian cotton no less. New mattress cover thingie. The whole shebang. A whole bed of newie-new-ness. When I made it all up it looked so good and I have to say, a little bit springy. It didn't just flop on the bed like the old one did, it kind of stood up a little bit taller, a little bit springier, a little bit bouncy bouncy. Basically I couldn't wait until it was time to go to bed! 

And oh my, it was worth the wait. So soft! So bouncy! So light! Yet so warm! What is this magic and why had it taken so long for us to buy a new duvet? Oh. My. Days. Truthfully, bed is one of my most favourite places, I'm a big believer in sleep, lots of sleep, and the new soft, bouncy duvet has just made me into even more of a believer. 

The moral of this Thursday tale? If you haven't bought a new duvet in a while I would highly recommend running to a shop and investing in one. So soft. So bouncy. So warm. SO GOOD! 

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