Sunday, 22 February 2015

Happy New Home!

It was a long wait at approximately 5 months but it was definitely well worth that wait to finally say we are in our new home. Let's hear a yip-yip-ee! We moved in last Friday with the absolute bare essentials: kettle, toaster, butter, a few bits of cutlery, and our bed. We spent the first evening eating fish and chips on the floor in the living room. From that first step through the new door, I spent the whole day with a grin the size of a very small country which stayed put for most of the weekend, even with all the moving madness that followed. New house - utterly brilliant! 

We've been in just over a week now and aside from stupid work and other highly annoying life situations, the huge grin has stayed put. I love being home. Even when we've moved in and discovered that it's not quite the turn-key that we thought it was and there is a whole heap of work to do, we don't care. It's just so brilliant to finally be here and to start making plans. And oh-ho-ho are there a lot of plans! I can't wait to get going. Definitely one of the things I missed the most while living in rented accommodation was not being able to just 'potter' about doing odd jobs here and there. We love a bit of pottering we do. 

It's raining today so there's not much chance of the sun showing his face, but we have joyfully discovered that as the sun hits the house mid-afternoon you can plonk yourself down on the sofa and get a suntan through the glass. The real glass of the original leaded windows - gorgeous. It will indeed be a happy new home and I look forward to sharing our projects here on the blog. If you want to see them that is! I'm off now to do a bit more unpacking and see if I can find the rest of my recipe books. 

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tizz said...

I'm so happy for you guys! Looks beautiful! Xxx