Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It's show week at our theatre group this week so we're doing bar and working backstage. Nothing about this is unusual, except we're moving house this week. On Friday. It's now Wednesday afternoon and we haven't even started packing up the flat properly, a few odd boxes here and there. We're busy every night and we've been at work every day...tricky! Thankfully I have now finished my one part time job for the week, and due to being Mrs Organised last week, had done most of my work for my second part time job so was able to hurriedly finish that this afternoon. This leaves me all day tomorrow to pack up all our belongings once again. 

We can't find the bubble wrap anywhere. 

We need more packing tape. 

And maybe we need some help.

But let's just pause and take a moment to reflect - WE ARE MOVING HOUSE ON FRIDAY! Words cannot even express...

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