Saturday, 17 January 2015

Year of Craft: January

I can hardly believe it, I have actually completed the January challenge in my Year of Craft! Don't worry, I'm as shocked as you are. Let's talk crafting! 

The challengeOrigami butterflies (I only used the images as I have no idea what language that is!)

Preparation: Very little to be honest. I used pages from a catalogue I had received in the post (recycling and upcycling - double bonus!) and found the scissors so that I could turn the A5 catalogue into squares as demonstrated below. 

Sadly this is where being a good blogger fell completely by the wayside as I was so busy concentrating on the folding and trying not to stick my tongue out too much in concentration to remember to take photos of the process. Erm, oops. 

The end result

How tricky was it? Not at all that bad. I know for all you seasoned crafters out there a bit of paper folding might seem a bit like amateur hour, but in my defence, I am very much a beginning crafter so not too taxing was a wise choice for my first challenge. 

I like the end result! Really I do. I'm not sure what to do with them as they don't easily attach to anything - I tried to blu-tack them to the mirror but they fell off after a micro-second - but I'm proud of them. Most of all, I really enjoyed making them. It was a quick 20 minutes but was a nice, and surprisingly relaxing, end to my work day. 

Here's a sparkly photo using my new favourite app too:

There we have it. January challenge complete. I'm actually really excited for February now! Share in the comments if you make any butterflies for yourself. 

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