Sunday, 4 January 2015

Follow the Trail

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of my new(ish) job has been the people that I have met. This time I don't mean the people I work with, but the ones that have been at the networking events that I have attended to promote my project. So many interesting folks, so much variety in what they offer. One such lady that I met has her own business writing treasure trails! Very cool. On an impulse I decided to buy one for Wavey as part of his Christmas stocking, and so, in possibly the longest introduction ever, today we went trailing for treasure! 

I decided to go in easy and selected the trail for our local town. At just over 2 miles and 2 hours duration it seemed like the perfect one to start with. Following clues in the booklet we had to eliminate murder suspects by walking our way round various points of interest in the town and answering questions. I can honestly say that many of the plaques we had to find have basically passed me by in all the years that I have lived here. 

This is the type of clue, to give you a basic idea: Find a top-hatted train driver. Rearrange the letters of a word associated with him to reveal another innocent person. Here is the top-hatted man:

The word associated with him was 'locomotion' and so we eliminated 'Tom Coolion'. 

All the way round I was fascinated by the idea of actually creating the trail. I guess that she must just walk around and find things like the top-hatted man, but you must have to have a certain type of mind to be able to think like that. 

Halfway round we totally started flagging and it was basically lunchtime so we stopped off and supported the local economy by eating our way through a panini, a coffee, and a sticky bun, before going back to the police station and re-starting again.

The only downside was that due to ongoing, extensive regeneration works, one of our clues had been removed entirely to make way for something new so we couldn't solve the whole thing fully. But that really didn't make very much difference to either of us, though it could certainly be an annoyance.  

Summing up, a thoroughly smashing explore was had by all. Thanks to Yorkshire Trails for the inspiration. I would definitely be tempted to buy another one again, especially if we were going somewhere on holiday and wanted to explore somewhere totally new in a slightly different way. 

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