Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Did you make any new year resolutions this year? I stopped making them years ago as I basically repeated the same ones each year and generally, by about day 3, I had failed miserably at them both. Not much point setting yourself up only to bring yourself back down! It would seem that nail biting and swearing like a trooper are two vices that are here to stay. 

I like the idea of a new year, new start, but much like Christmas felt very amplified to me this last year, all this resolving and praise the lord-ing for a new start all just seemed a bit too much. Is this an age thing? Am I set to become more cynical as I head into my 4th decade (5th...? which one is it when you will be 40?) If so I might have to get a head start on banishing that straight away or I will end up a grumpy old woman and I'm not timetabled to do that for absolutely years! 

At this very moment in time, all my resolve is being put into keeping my (ample) arse very securely rooted to the seat and not for it to lift off the chair and bumble into the kitchen to eat yet more chocolate. It was very inconsiderate of Wavey to go away and leave me with ALL the chocolate in the whole world living in the cupboard. It's so hard when you know it's there to be eaten! SOMEONE TAKE IT AWAY PLEASE! Do you think I'll make it through? Only time, and my own honesty, will tell. 

But back to the resolutions thing. I'd dearly love to be that person who has resolutions like 'get out of bed at 6am every day to go and do a morning run in the brisk winter of the North East of England' but let's face it, I would not only be lying to myself but to the whole world (who of course read this little blog) as we all know that is never going to happen. Like never ever in a month of Sundays when hell freezes over type thing. 

All this jesting aside, I did however make one teeny little resolution to myself and that was to keep schtum. Yep. If I can't think of anything nice to say I am trying very hard to just keep my opinions to myself. This is going to be tricky I think, as other people are often trying to draw me into bad conversations that I want no part of - I've already this week (and it's only Wednesday) had to choose words very carefully to avoid getting entangled into just such a conversation. Cos it's the easy way out, isn't it? I try to avoid being judgemental, as frankly, one never knows what is going on with anyone and there could be all sorts of reasons for whatever it is they might be doing that you may not agree with, but that's no reason to comment on it and be drawn into bitchy conversations. I say enough already of this type of behaviour. It's not big, clever, or attractive, and most importantly it doesn't get anyone anywhere. This is not meant to be preach-y by the way, it's just me doing my little resolution thing. Refer to previous sentence on not being judgemental. 

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Sometimes, in work situations particularly, it's a very tough thing to stay away from this type of happening. Having said that, they already think I'm weird there, so what's one more thing to add to the list?! Feel free to share your resolution or add comments below. Share the love! Because it is all around after all... 

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