Sunday, 11 January 2015

Kicking butt (as in mine)

I think the saying goes that with age comes wisdom. What they don't tell you is that it also brings all sorts of other things to play in your head. 40 seems like an important age to me, I have a feeling that I should have all my shit together, and for the most part, I think I probably do. But I also know that I am lacking in one serious thing and that is the exercise commitment. I can't expect to eat all the food I do and get away with doing nothing. Well I can if I want to be a fatty but I don't really want to do that. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect to be super slim, it's highly unlikely that will ever happen as hello, I love to bake! But getting fitter? That's a good thing to aspire to for certain. 

That all sounds so good doesn't it? But what happens when you're a total gym-hater like me? And I say hate with true vigour as I really do despise the gym. I've tried so many times to force myself into liking it and failed miserably on so many occasions, stuck paying for somewhere that I never go to. Gah! When we lived in the house I exercised at home, loads of free stuff online that is good and easy to follow. It's tricky to do that when you live in the centre of a block of flats with neighbours above and below. Not so much jumping about is acceptable for some weird reason...hopefully the house won't be too much longer and I can pick that up again but that's another story. 

So the point of this post today? I joined a 21 day body and soul detox. Felt really good at signing up, shared it on my social medias to persuade other people to join and Day 1? Today? Total fail! Noooooo! I missed the email that said you should kickstart your day with a lemon water. So I started my day with a cup of tea, some bran flakes and some catch up TV. Followed by a stinking cup of coffee. Hmmm. No lemons or water in sight. I feel miserable. How can I be so bad at this? 

I'm planning to rewind and start again. Not the day obviously, I'm not Dr Who, but I'll start tomorrow instead. Nothing wrong with being one day behind. And in other news to feel proud of myself I started a 30 day squat challenge, which is probably quite barmy but surely any second doing something is better than many minutes sat on my bottom. Today was 30 seconds. By the end it's 5 minutes (gulp). But I think it's time. Like seriously. Time to be motivated, take control, and stop just talking about getting fitter and do something positive about it. I really hope this is the year I can make that happen. Stay tuned...

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