Sunday, 18 January 2015


I can no longer deny it. By this time next week I will be 40 - gulp! There are so many reasons why I can't believe this, but the main one is that it just sounds so GROWN UP! Surely by 40 I should be a proper adult, with grown up attitudes, and other grown up, you know, stuff. 

In reality, in my head, I've never really moved on from being 19. Ah, the happy days of being 19. I loved it! By then I'd been at the art college, that was quite literally the making of me, for a year. I was high on life with some amazing friends and new and fabulous experiences on a daily basis. I spent most of the time drunk and staying over at friend's houses as they didn't have a curfew like I did, so coming home at 5am was perfectly fine...

Okay so clearly I'm not 19 any more. The only thing I am doing at 5am is sleeping soundly, and if I did try to stay up that late/early, I would need to stay in bed for at least a week to make up for it (Granny). And I also don't get drunk on a daily basis, but mentally, like my way of thinking and attitudes and things, yep, still 19.  

But the years do not lie. I will soon be 40. And so my question is, how much longer can I continue wearing tiny skirts or cheeky braids before I begin to look like mutton? You will tell me honestly, won't you...? 

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