Saturday, 1 November 2014

London Bridge is falling down*

*Disclaimer: not really. 

Yesterday morning at just after 8am Wavey and I set off on a road trip! Our destination was fair London town and we had two goals in mind:
1. See the poppies at the Tower of London
2. Spend the day with Tizz

That's all. That may seem quite simple but in order to acheive both of those things we had a 3.5 hour drive, an early hotel check-in, a drive to the station, a train to central London, and a tube to London Bridge. Amazingly, the whole thing was absolutely seamless and by 12.30 we were waiting at London Bridge station for Tizz to arrive. Which she did only a few minutes later. A plan that had indeed been stan-ned. Wonderful!

First up lunch. From the VERY busy Borough Market. I had a sweet potato and chickpea burger on a huge bed of salad with red onion jam. Yum yum. We knew we were really in London cos there was a big red bus parked opposite:

I also decided last minute that I wanted to go to the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern to see the billowing artwork on display by Richard Tuttle. We never did entirely figure out what it was - could have been a dragon, could have been a big red aeroplane - either way it was pretty impressive. And very billowy.

Next up was the poppies. Well kind of next. After a quick beer stop and a clamber up the wall to sit by the river and enjoy the last of the sun. Did I mention it was a gorgeous day and we could walk around in no sleeves? On Halloween? Barmy! Or should I say balmy, haha! 

And finally to the poppies. We knew we were getting nearer as the crowds got bigger and bigger. I've never even been to the Tower of London so it was pretty exciting to find myself there at all. Add in the absolutely breathtaking sight of 880,000 red poppies and it was safe to say my jaw was dropping. I hustled my way to the front and just stood there leaning on the fence. It's hard to describe it really as it feels quite unreal. It's so beautiful and poignant and despite the crowds I found myself having a few quiet moments of contemplation and reflection. The photos really don't do it justice but I had to have a physical memory as well as the one in my head:

We fought with the crowds to get to the other side of the tower where we could get a different view but I think we soon realised we had seen all we needed to see. I'm so glad that we went to see it for real. It was stunning. 

For the last remaining hours of our time together we explored new places, enjoyed lots of food and drink, lots of laughter and happy times. I can honestly say that it was one of the nicest, bestest days I have had in a long long time. 

Love ya London, we'll be back soon. 
And see you in a few weeks, Tizz. Already counting down the days...

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