Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Strolling

Oops, I've been away again. But honestly for the last two weeks all I've done is cough and work, which is not interesting to anyone, so no blogging. Sorry. Absence duly noted. 

Tizz is home! Yee-hah! It's always blummin' brilliant when Tizz comes home because even if it's only for like 5 minutes we still manage to squeeze in some fun times. This weekend we squeezed in watching an awful film (Superbad), eating some awesome snacks (chocolate covered pretzels), a cinema visit (for Tizz and Fizz, I stayed home to be with Wavey cos he's been away all week), and some Sunday strolling. 

I'm totally loving getting my walk on at the weekends. It's only been a regular thing for like this weekend and last weekend but that's enough for me to say that it's my new favourite thing to do. It was a bit muddy today, but we were suitably suited and booted so squelching wasn't going to stop us. 7km later and we returned home for a well deserved chocolate and banana muffin and a cuppa tea. Here's some jolly photos for you to enjoy, you really wouldn't think it was Winter - look at that blue sky!

Whose coming next week?

Rather brilliantly, Tizz is home again in approximately 2 weeks time and will be home for AGES and be here for Christmas! I can hardly contain myself with excitement, mega-fun times will follow. WOOO-HOOOO! 

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