Saturday, 8 November 2014

Restoring our flagging souls

I don't think we entirely realised until we took a few days off as holiday that we were indeed flagged. Knackered, worn out, battered, well, you get the idea. We needed a break! The holiday week started when we went to see Miss Tizz in London (which was utterly fab and the first time in a LONG time that I completely and utterly didn't think about work of any kind whatsoever), and then continued when we headed to the Yorkshire Dales for a few days of respite. 

We stayed in Lawson's Studio, a teeny tiny house in a teeny tiny village called Castle Bolton. The studio was utterly delightful:

We were really very lucky with the weather and spent most of the days wandering outside in the beautiful countryside - we even got sunburned on the Tuesday!

We ate chips, biscuits, and cakes. We drank lots of yummy locally brewed ale, I made it my mission to have Wensleydale cheese in some form or another every single day, we read books, we watched rubbish teevee, we napped, we did daft silly stuff that only we find funny - all in all, we had a really rather fabulous time. 

Consider us restored. Shame we have to go back to work next week and ruin it all...

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Librarian Girl said...

You guys take the best trips! So jelly.