Thursday, 27 November 2014

Make do and host

It's time for my annual 'oh my god where has this year gone can you believe it's nearly Christmas doesn't time fly when you're older' blog post opener. It's a spiffy opener. Truly. (I watched this programme about posh people who work for Tatler magazine the other day and have found myself using 'one' and 'yah' and other posh words like 'spiffy' on more than one occasion this week...).

Christmas is indeed nearly upon us. We hoped that we would be in our new house by Christmas and not in the tiny flat. Sadly as the time creeps nearer this is looking increasingly unlikely. We considered throwing ourselves down on the floor and wailing like a 3 year old until someone there-there'd us and told us it would all be okay, but one soon realises that this will get one absolutely nowhere at all and one must move swiftly on. You see, the tricky thing is, it's our turn to host. In the tiny flat we have two of everything and one large pan, as the kitchen is teeny tiny so we deliberately downsized. This 2 of everything causes a small problem when you are hosting for 5...

Never to be beaten (we made Christmas happen when our oven exploded, we rock at rallying round!) we've decided that we will go ahead and do this thing, tiny flat be damned. Yes the oven only has one shelf, but we have 4 hobs! Yes we only have 2 pasta bowls, but we have brand new crockery that we had been saving but can break out specially for the festive event! Yes we might have to put out an appeal to borrow some knives and forks...

Last night we bought Christmas crackers and Christmas napkins. And this little guy who doesn't really photograph that well but trust me, he is cuuuuute in his little stripey scarf:

We will adorn the tiny flat in sparkley lights and tinsel and make it look super cosy, I knew that dimmer switch in the living room would come in handy for something other than just watching spooky television programmes. We will go to the lock-up and rebuild our table and bring all the chairs back to the flat and figure out a way to make it all fit in. Hopefully at the same time we'll find the other pans or we'll be stir-frying sprouts in the frying pan. We will make do and host! 

We will also maintain another annual tradition of Tizz coming round to drink wine and create glorious and ridiculous decorations made from icing to decorate the cake on Christmas Eve. We will also, and I say we as Tizz (and hopefully Fizz) said she might join in too, do the annual photo advent in the month of December for your delight and reading pleasure. We might not have the house, but we have our loved ones and this, my friends, is what Christmas means to us. 

Just one thing. If you do plan on popping round throughout the festive season can you bring your own plate and cutlery... 

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