Monday, 11 August 2014

This is why Bob didn't like Mondays

It seems a bit crazy to be taking a holiday like 5 minutes after you've started a job, but it was one of those take 'em or lose 'em type deals, and losing them just wasn't going to happen. So I took a holiday. Started out well with a pretty sweet lie in until 8.30am, why thank you. Then I caught up on some serious YouTube time as I am like way behind on my video watching, way behind. I could have just sat on the sofa all day doing just that but I thought, no Dizz, get thee of thine arse and go and do something. So I made a plan to head into town and go and see some art. Well, after a quick diversion to some shops to buy a birthday present for my Ma. 

First up: birthday present buying. I've already got one part via the internetty so this was just a little something extra to put in the gift box. I knew what I wanted and I knew where I wanted to go. Where I went shall remain nameless as I really don't have anything good to say. 3 assistants tried to make me take part in the 3 for 2 offer and then when I tried to pay for my single item, that assistant tried to make me buy extra stuff too. By this time I was pretty pee-d off as it really felt like a hard sell so I informed this assistant that I only had enough money to buy this one item and that they should quit enabling people into debt by making them buy more than they need. Ahem. I really don't respond well to pushy sales people...

Next up art gallery number 1: CLOSED ON MONDAY.

Had to admit to slight feelings of grumpiness by this stage. 

Art gallery number 2: CLOSED ON MONDAY.

What?! I mean what?! Why?! I had a full on battle with Hurricane Bertha to get to the second gallery and for no reason at all. I slightly improved the day at this point by getting a spot of nice lunch at a cafe that I used to go to all the time, but sadly even that has gone down hill and the food wasn't all that.

What is up with today? 

Never mind Hurricane Bertha, Grumpy Gertrude was in full on mode by this time. I should have just stayed slobbing out on my sofa and watching YouTube videos. 

But here are some photos of the arty places. And a crackin' shot that demonstrates quite how rather windy it is today. Enjoy the visuals. 


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