Thursday, 28 August 2014

If we were playing Bingo we'd be shouting HOUSE

They say that moving house is up there as possibly the biggest cause of stress ever. I think Wavey and I would testify to that. In the last two days the house we were buying was snatched away from us by the sellers who simply decided not to sell anymore, and our own house sale was delayed by at least two weeks. But no-one told us and we thought it was happening tomorrow. So we hired a van. That is now just parked outside of our house. Oh and we already moved at least half of our belongings to a storage container. It's fair to say that we have not had a good couple of days. 


First up let's talk buying houses. We looked, we viewed, we chose, we made an offer, it was accepted, we cheered. Then we waited whilst apparently the sellers went on holiday for a hundred years. Several frustrating phone calls later, the phrase you don't want to hear: I have bad news...

Thankfully we have been quite cool and calm headed about this house and not gone around declaring our love for it. Even though we liked it a lot (a lot) and were planning where we were going to put things and which cupboards we were going to rip out first. I have to admit I've been tempted to go and throw things at the windows since yesterday, but I'm moving on from that urge. We're back to searching, back to looking at those silly warped photos and trying to figure out exactly how wide the room might actually be. So we're being adults. 

If I had to choose though, being aged 8 right about now would be better, as then the whole house buying thing would be up to my mam and dad and not me making all the awful phone calls and hearing the bad news. Bah humbug to being an adult. 

We spent much of today waiting by the phone to find out if our buyer was okay with the delay. Turns out she, along with possibly the whole world except us, has known about it for quite some time and was more nervous that WE would pull out...are you keeping up? Just checking. But as we were blissfully unaware, we were essentially eating everything in the house so as not to pack it and down to one carefully selected pair of pants and a t-shirt while the rest of our lives was in boxes, at my parent's, at Wavey's mam's...oh to the em gee, it is all just a bit much. 

Now that we also know we are delayed, gee thanks for sharing people, we're all sorted again and have restored some kind of balance to be able to live for the next two weeks in some normality. Like we have unpacked the pants. And I've been food shopping so we have more than one lettuce leaf to share between the two of us and actual fruit, woo! It's the small things...

And so in conclusion: house buying = stress = extreme tiredness = probable high blood pressure and a possible small addiction to vodka. I think that deserves a HOUSE! I don't think it's too much to ask...

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