Friday, 1 August 2014

Another week that was

Today is officially August. What?! I can hardly believe it. It's also Friday which means it's the end to another week. Time is truly a-flying by! 

I started the week taking pretty pictures like this one:

I had a meeting at a building that was next door to this pretty park. I arrived a bit early so I sat myself down in the sunshine and read some of my book. Cheeky and sneaky, me likey. 

By Wednesday I was taking photos of beetroot juice that seemed to resemble strange Picasso like faces:

It really even looks like the spooky face is wearing a beret...sometimes when Wavey is away my thoughts take me to strange places...

This week I also had not one, but two conversations, about waxing. In particular waxing of the lady parts. Truly bizarre! This is not at all the normal kind of conversation I get involved in but when you find yourself saying the words 'landing strip' to your hairdresser, it's safe to say it's been a weird old week. 

This week also found me saying another fond farewell to Tizz as she headed back to London town. It's really rubbish whenever Tizz leaves as I absolutely love her being here and miss her completely heaps and heaps when she goes back. COME BACK SOON! This felt even harder as she had been here for 2 whole weeks. 2 weeks! It was just like the old days when we used to spend literally hours drinking tea, and chatting, and watching crap tv. COME BACK SOON! 

Wavey came home from yet another bizness trip away. 

I got my very first pay cheque in 16 months.

We spent a gazillion hours talking about mortgages to people and watching videos about buildings insurance. Ridiculous does not even cover that. 

We started packing up our home. 12 boxes of books. I wonder how many the kitchen will have...?

It has truly been another week that was. 


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