Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Right now it's a bit of a crazy time in Dizz and Wavey land. We've sold our house, and have found somewhere that we are buying, but in true style it's not all going according to plan. Our buyer wants to be in our house by next Friday (!), as in we move out and she moves in. This would all be good, except for the fact that the people we are buying from are not ready to move out. Which essentially means we will be homeless. No biggie or anything...

So during this stressful time (no matter how hard you try to be cool it just creeps up at you and shouts BOO very loudly, evil stress monster) I am celebrating the simple things in life. Little things that make me oh so happy and take my mind off, however briefly, the impending living out of a shopping trolley possible homeless by next Friday issue. 

First up let's talk hygiene. Man I LOVE being clean! You can see how the shopping trolley situation could be difficult...ahem. Truly, one of my most loved things to do is wash my face at the end of the day. I love my nightly ritual with all my lotions and potions that wash away all the grime of the day. I think this love stems back to when I lived in London, where frankly you had no choice but to wash your face as it was almost as black as the snot inside your nose. Yes I said snot. London is a filthy place to live. What with all the traffic pollution and the sweaty armpits on the tube, it ain't pretty. So in concluding this simple thing, let's face wash. Simple but 

Next up we'll have a bit of teevee. If the Great British Bake Off can't distract you with it's simple baking pleasures then I don't know what would. It's divine watching all the food, even if some of it does make me drool. It's an hour of watching people sit on the floor in front of ovens and dreading soggy bottoms. I heart it so. 

Almost as much as I love cooking up a tasty dinner. Tonight's yumminess was Moroccan chickpea and zucchini (I have to call it that as it's an American recipe book) served up with couscous and lashings of coriander. Yum and more yum. If only I'd have had some of the bread they were baking up on tonight's Bake Off to go with it! 

Finally it's a good book before bed. I made a little trip to the library and picked out some good'uns! I'm currently reading The Night Circus and waiting to give my review to the waiting crowds. So many people have recommended it, I just hope it doesn't turn out to be an epic fail from me. 

So there you have it. The little things I am grabbing onto with both fists as we navigate these tricky tides. Please bear with me if there is radio silence from the blog, I'm not sure you can get a wifi signal from a shopping trolley...

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