Sunday, 8 December 2013

6-8: Mexican hot chocolate

So the Mexican hot chocolate didn't take three days to make but I think you will see it's worth three whole advent doors! 

Start off with a teaspoon of cinnamon and chilli powder and one vanilla pod (with the seeds scraped out but we'll come back to that). Oh and a whole heap of dark chocolate:

Heat the powders and the vanilla pod with milk. Once it's boiled up pour it over the chocolate and whisk it until it's all blended:

Pour into your waiting mugs and give it a good whisk up so that it looks all fluffy and yummy:
Add a cinnamon stick and give it a final stir before sitting down with loved ones to generally make ooh and ahh noises and maybe even drool a little bit over how totally effin tasty it is:
To finish off, find someone that you know who has a brand new icecream maker (no names mentioned Fizz...oh...oops) and pass her the scraped out vanilla seeds to go home and make vanilla icecream for everyone. Result!

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Anonymous said...

Ice cream has been made and is waiting in the freezer for the right moment to be scoffed. I resisted tucking in straight away, but I did lick the spoon. Yum. I think making ice cream might be my new passion.