Sunday, 29 December 2013

29: oh it's such a perfect day...

Had a most crackin' day today. Slept in, met up with friends for coffee and crumpets, went to the beach with Fizz and ran about trying to make Chewey run after me, funnily enough he wasn't that keen. Went back to the house of Fizz and ate more crumpets (there can never be enough crumpets) and had a good old natter about all sorts of everything. Returned to a toasty warm house and an evening in with Wavey. 

Only feel slightly guilty about not doing any uni work. 

This should be what Sundays are made for. Is it Sunday? So confused with the days...

And here's some visuals from the beach:

And for the extra awwwww factor, here's a little photo of Chewey. He is such a cutie!


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