Wednesday, 11 December 2013

11: Frustration/Fascination

Fizz reckons there is something up with our karma. This can be the only explanation for why we are being kicked in the arse by Wednesday. My morning was an epic fail but the day has slowly improved. 

To get over my frustration I sat down with a cuppa to enjoy a documentary about Vivian Maier. It's one I've been saving for a special occasion as I knew I would become totally immersed in it and her story - a truly remarkable and fascinating tale of an elusive woman who photographed every day of her entire life, never showing anyone her photos and keeping them all in old suitcases inside storage lockers which were then all sold off and bought by various collectors and strange men. The documentary itself wasn't brilliant but her photos, oh, some of them took my breath away. So powerful. I do love a good mystery and her story certainly falls into that category.

I would love to see more of her work. I am truly interested in both her images and her - she looks so unassuming. Consider me fascinated.

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