Friday, 13 December 2013

12-13: Wishes

The only thing I miss about libraryland is the payday. Well, ok, a few people too, but I see them on a regular basis so it doesn't really count. But paydays? I haven't seen one of those since July and the little part of me that really loves to buy pretty things and expensive lotions and potions is feeling it big style. 

In a moment when I was just staring into space today I started to compose a wishlist of lovely things that I will buy when I finally get another payday. I have no idea when that will be but it's Christmas, it's the time to wish! 

The first item on my list is a lovely coat. Preferably a green one. I saw this lovely one today from TopShop and am green with envy (get envy...ahem):

The second thing is a suit. A real one that fits properly and isn't just made up of a jacket here and a pair of trousers there that don't really match and looks rubbish.

The third thing is some nice makeup. Either NARS or MAC. I haven't tried either of them but I keep reading reviews for their products and their packaging is so classy. 

I'm lucky to have got the final thing already, as an incredibly early birthday present from Wavey. A lush brown satchel that is plentiful of space, soft, and a bit battered looking. 

I'm sure when the payday comes there will be many more things to add to the wishlist. But three things doesn't seem that much to wish for...

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