Saturday, 28 December 2013

27-28: It looked a lot like Christmas

On Christmas Eve Tizz came round and we drank wine, a supermarket version of Jagermeister and put our artistic talents to work to ice the Christmas cake:

 On Christmas Day we cooked two Christmas dinners, one of which we delivered meals on wheels style. I was most relieved to receive a compliments to the chef phone call later that day. Tis a bit eep-y cooking Christmas dinner for the in-laws! We also wore our comedy Christmas t-shirts and I rocked out in my new slippers which are the best!

 We might have enjoyed a few social beverages...

We ended a busy day sitting in the dark, with all the shiny lights sparkling, the fire roaring, and bid a fond and ever so slightly tearful farewell to the most loveable Raggedy-Man Dr Who there ever was. That and a few more quality Christmas television programmes.

 It was thankfully, a merry old time indeed.

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