Thursday, 19 September 2013

People! Outside!

You might have picked up that it's been a tough couple of weeks. After the holiday high it was a total bummer to come back to unemployment reality. And then Wavey had to go away to work like straightaway, and I know this makes me sound like a total puff and if that is the case then so be it, but man I miss him when he is gone. And it's especially hard when you've been on holiday and spent every hour in each others company for two whole weeks. I haven't been sleeping well. I even found myself pacing the living room yesterday just for something to do. How do people do this staying at home all the time thing? I would be a basket case! Not going out, not seeing people, the visible evidence of my bum-shaped blob on the sofa from where I have literally sat for hours. This my friends is not healthy. 

But today I left the living room! To meet up with actual people! Oh I cannot describe the joy that I felt, I could have literally kissed every one of them with sheer joy (I didn't do that though, just to make myself clear). Even though it was only for an hour and a wee bit it was sooooo nice to just chat about nothing really, this and that, my old work, relive the holiday, share the pacing of the living room floor horror, laugh and joke and exclaim in shock, all these things were like a drop of water to a thirsty person. I think they deserve a little yay! 

And then, it really couldn't get any better, I ran into Postie from my old work. Postie is erm, the delivery guy, but he is just the nicest person ever. He looks a bit like Santa without the beard but with the ruddy red cheeks and he has this gorgeous West country burr. We had a good old chin wag, he took me through some secret tunnels that I didn't know existed to get to the student's union and he is just so nice and supportive. If I didn't already have a brilliant Pops I would totally want Postie to be my dad. He truly does leave a warm glow behind him. 

I handed in one job application and picked up another and came home and completed it straight away. I'm becoming a dab hand now at all this filling in the boxes thing. It's amazing how people and outside can re-inspire. And Wavey is coming home tonight (yipppee) and my folks are returning from their Swiss adventure (oh yep, they've been away too, hence the not much seeing of people). I feel like doing a happy little jig, which I can tell you most sincerely, is SO much better than pacing the living room. I really wouldn't recommend that at all. 

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