Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Pause and reboot

View of world and people slightly restored. My Paypal account has been reactivated and so far no further worrying developments have occurred. Still no thank you from the person that I issued the full refund to instead of running off to the hills with his money...

Spent some quality time with my oldest buddy. Not old as in you are an ancient granny, but old as in the buddy who has been in my life the longest. We chatted, we ate yummy food, I introduced her to food on sticks (fruit kebabs). A pleasant evening was had by all. 

Returned to theatre after 2 weeks holiday to spend the entire evening crawling around on my knees drawing floorboards. Despite the feeling that I had suddenly aged to 107 by the end of it, it was super great to get my creative mojo back on. I know I often moan and bitch about the place but I definitely love what we do there and the learning of the new skills.

Become addicted to English muffins. I am entirely blaming Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood and their bake off malarkey but I feel safe in declaring the toasted English muffin the perfect early Autumn snack. 

Speaking of early Autumn. Since our joyous Summer of sun and heat it seems I have forgotten how to dress for outside nip in the air. This week alone I've been caught out by venturing out in just a thin cardigan over my vest top, and today bare legs in a long skirt and just a t-shirt under a denim jacket. Sort. It. Out. Get thee to a shop and buy a new jacket and start wearing socks! 

My fringe has taken on a life of its own. No matter what I do with it, this CRAZY flick just appears and will not be tamed. Seriously. Look at it:

Low Winter Sun on Fox. Anyone else watching? Thoughts? I'm 2 episodes in and still not convinced that I want to know what happens. 

Not only have I remembered to buy and write birthday cards but I have actually posted them too! And on time! Result! 

Paul Hollywood's goatee? Hmmmm. Wavey is currently fully bearded and I am liking it muchly. I'm not entirely sure of my goatee feelings. Anyone else? 

Reboot complete.

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