Monday, 16 September 2013

Disillusioned. Unlucky. Bordering on grumpy.

The past couple of days I've found myself feeling not at all happy with this world and some of its inhabitants. Whilst we were away enjoying our holiday some horrible people put a brick through Zippy's windscreen. My poor parents were looking after the house for us and have to turn up one day to find my car smashed? I wasn't alone in this mindless violence as apparently they had some kind of spree right through the village but that kind of shit feels personal, you know? 

Then yesterday I get an email telling me that someone has paid £180 into my Paypal account for an iPhone. Which I am not selling. Straight away I was on the phone finding out how I could issue a full refund and contact this person to let them know they had the wrong seller. Which I duly did. And received absolute no thanks for whatsoever. The guy I spoke to at Paypal said my honesty was to be admired as most people would have taken the money and run. Really? Would any of you have done that? There is no way I would ever do anything so awful and truly dishonest. The lack of thank you left me feeling slightly disillusioned but I was willing to file it away under disappointed. 

Until today. I have just received an email from Paypal informing me my account has been limited due to a complaint against me. Back on the phone it turns out that someone has attached their seller account to my Paypal account (probably with the intention of fraud, the kindly man informed me) and until it is resolved my account has to be limited. This my friends is what is you get for honesty. 

All of this plus an interview experience from hell the other day where I came out so unbelievably angry at the injustice of it the title says I am disillusioned, experiencing some rotten luck, and bordering on grumpy. Humph. 

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Librarian Girl said...

That sounds awful. Hugs from across the ocean.