Monday, 2 July 2012

Interior design - him. Interior design - me

A very dear friend of mine recommended reading the latest issue of 'House and Garden' when we were talking about different ways to turn the study into a petit library. There's some really great ideas in there of lighting between shelves, he reassured me. Right-oh thinks I, then certainly I shall go and buy it. 

First of all the magazine itself cost £4! And then the stuff inside and the people inside and the interior decoration inside was impressive, stunning, on a much huger scale than our little study. The library that he'd been talking about was probably the size of our whole house and they needed ladders to get to the top shelves - we might just have to stretch a little bit. And the prices inside - lordy lou! Talk about crazy. I'm idly flicking through last night and came across this bed that looked nice, pretty comfy, and was a bargain at only £25,000...I'll just let that sink in for a moment...25 GRAND!!!!! I'd want to move my entire life in there and never leave it! Can you imagine?! Who spends that kind of money?! 

Curious tonight, I had a look at the website, just to see if they had anything that mere mortals could afford to buy. The answer was not really but the image I am about to show you is so awesomely amazing that I couldn't resist but share it. I'd like you to take a long hard look at it and try to imagine yourself sleeping in it. And it's not like you could just have a duvet cover from Debenhams on it, surely it would need some kind of spun by fairies gold cloth that was so light it would be like gossamer thread. 

Are you ready? Have I piqued your interest? Ok here we go. Sit back and admire:
For any of you with a spare bob or two and Princess Barbie pretentions, you need to head here and place your order right away. I'll see you there...

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Librarian Girl said...

WHAT? If I had that bed I would have to construct some sort of revolving platform and a smoke machine to go with it. Because I like to class things up.